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Martina Biagi | 2017; Beatriz Líbano Monteiro | 2016; Valentina Piera | 2016; Damiano Ceriani | 2015 ;

PhD in Landscape Architecture from Universidade Técnica de Lisboa with co-orientation Technische Universität Berlin, Fellowship of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia  (1999-1996) and Graduated in Landscape Architecture by Universidade de Évora, 1985.

Founder and coordinator of Margem Arquitectura Paisagista office, Lisboa, Portugal

Professor at the Univ of Lisbon, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, where she coordinates and lectures Landscape Architecture Project Design and Landscape Architecture Theory, and Assistant at the Technical University of Lisbon, ISA, lecturing Landscape Architecture Project Design (1992-2000)

Active participation and direction of teams of Plan and Research Project, focusing the Green Structure and Water Structure on urban context, in particular the Landscape Unit of Lisbon

Co-editor of the book Plano Verde Lisboa, with Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles and Manuela Raposo Magalhães, Ed.Colibri, Lisboa

Secretary General and Chair of the Portuguese Association of Landscape Architects APAP

The office develops project and research in the field of Landscape Architecture. It focuses on an integrated action in Landscape, which is inclusive of the processes which underlie it at different levels, presupposing an architectonic, social and ecological and implicitly sustainable approach, in the holistic sense that this concept contains.


The team consists of a small group of landscape architects working regularly in a multidisciplinary way, namely with architects, designers, plastic artists, geographers engineers, in their different areas. This approach led to a joint reflection on the sites, in the awareness of their singularities and own performances, their biotic, cultural and spatial contents, their materiality and dynamics, allowing to rehearse and to embody architectural solutions, in a permanent search for their sync and coherence.


The searching from the design, the research on materials, their limitations and potentials, the constructive processes and reinterpretation of local techniques, are part of the experimentation developed by the studio, centering successive clearance of the shape and of its simplification, and the mode of building. In this sense, drawing is understood as a field of discovery, interpretation and sedimentation in itself, suggesting other possible readings, in a time and as a synthesis of the various times, in the subsequent re-presentation of the site, in the formation of the form that generates a dialogue between its more intrinsic attributes and, as an irreplaceable tool in the search for the meaning of the whole, of each intervention.


The design and construction of the landscape, regardless of the nature of its materiality does not produce autonomous objects, it is an intrinsic part of a topological condition and  tessitura, in the encounter and activation of fields of relation / tension between parts. We seek from this an integrative and mediating language, parallel local and territorial, equating its reinvention in a systemic and global mode.




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